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We receive hundreds of submissions every week in many styles and genres. Some of these make it onto the reader platform and unfortunately, some do not. Below we've outlined what happens to a story when it is submitted to to help you understand why your story did or did not make it through to the feedback phase.

Phase 1: Internal review
You upload your story to, and our team of pre-readers review it to make sure it is a good fit for the platform. They don't rate your story or attempt to predict how well it will do. Instead, they step into a reader's shoes and look for problems with quality, genre, formatting, and anything else that would create an inconsistent and unpolished experience for the reader. If they determine it to be a good fit for the platform, it passes through to Phase 2.

Phase 2: Seeding
Your story gets marked as "new" and seeded to a few initial readers. They have the chance to read and rate it, and you'll start to see analytics for matches, open rates, and drop-off rates on your dashboard. Based on their level of engagement, we either share it with more readers or pause matching so you can improve your story and resubmit.

Phase 3: Feedback
The "new" status disappears, and we match you with more readers. You'll get notified when a reader leaves feedback, and can respond and ask questions in your private book club. Stories that maintain a high engagement rate will continue to be matched with new readers. If your story dips below our threshold, we'll pause matching. Once again, this gives you a chance to implement some of the feedback you've received and improve your story.

A few reasons why your story might not make it into Phase 2

With the volume of submissions we receive, it's impossible to go into detail about why your story didn't get through to the seeding phase, but we've compiled a list of possible reasons we hope you'll find helpful.

Please know that it can be difficult to pass through to Phase 2. It's not our intention to discourage anyone—quite the opposite. We encourage you to edit your work and submit again.

We see the platform as the final step before you send out your work to agents and publishers. The readers on are not editors, but there to provide you with feedback on your story and give you a sense of how it might perform in the real world. We want to give them finished, high-quality stories to critique. Things like grammatical errors, clichés, and weak sentence structure indicate to us that the story isn't quite ready for our platform.

Story Description
Your book description should resemble that on the back of a book. Give the readers a sense of what the story is about, but keep it short.

Young Adult
While we welcome YA stories, our platform is aimed at an adult audience. We may not seed work that feels focused on younger readers.

We don't accept erotica or any overly graphic/explicit work. 

Poetry, Screenplays, Non-fiction, etc.
We currently only accept fiction on our platform, but hope to expand to additional formats later.

Non-Story Content
Please be sure to remove story title, personal information, copyright notices, tables of contents, notes from the author, links—anything that isn't the story.

Poorly Formatted Content
We can't accept work that hasn't been properly formatted. Please upload from Word or Pages and don't use excessive bold, italics, or underlining. We'll try our best to clean up formatting problems automatically, but our story editor allows you to make changes at any time.

Incomplete or Unfinished Story
While we accept the first in a series, the story itself must stand alone as an independent piece of work. 

Terms Violations
Content that is unlawful, hateful, or contains private information of others violates our terms. (See "UGC Content" at for a complete breakdown.)

Copyright Concerns
If we believe your uploaded story is not your own work or that you do not have permission to upload it, we will reject it.

Spam and Promotional Content
It's never okay to promote anything within an uploaded story. You're free to mention other work in your own book club, though! 

We currently only accept work written in English, and this includes US, British, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, and South African English. Other languages may be used if the intended audience is an English-speaker. We're excited about being able to support other languages down the road. 

Heavily Derived Work
We can't accept stories closely resembling existing published work.

Fan Fiction
We don't accept fan fiction, although stories based on work in the public domain are acceptable.

If you believe we've made a mistake, please email us at or simply reply to your notification email—we'll get right back to you. 

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