Deleting Stories

There are two options within your dashboard: Withdraw and Delete.

Withdrawing removes the work from reader devices as described above, and stops matching it to any new readers. This is a reversible action if undone within 3 months. Readers that are already reading the work have 90 days to finish before we remove the story from their mobile device automatically.
Deleting withdraws your work, but also permanently deletes your story files and any associated metadata files we've created.
Technical Details
When you ask us to delete your story, we permanently delete the story and its associated files. We then soft delete the database record containing data such as title, blurb, genres, topics, word count and records associated with the story’s ratings and feedback. Soft deleting means that the data becomes invisible to the site, but that we keep a copy securely in our database. We can undo a soft-delete if you ask us, which will restore your story details and any analytics, but we can't restore your story itself - you'll have to upload that again.
The only exception to this are EU GDPR erasure requests, where all records underneath and including a user’s record (and any associated files) are hard deleted from our database.
In all cases, database records are not fully deleted until our backup period lapses, as they exist in backup storage. Files are deleted immediately, including all versions and backups.
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